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We Are All Poets Here

by Kathleen Witkowska Tarr
ISBN: 978-1-57833-691-3
Retail price:
Soft cover: $24.95 USD

We Are All Poets Here speaks to the spiritual confusion of our times—an authentic and compelling portrayal of the quest for an interior life in a chaotic, fragmented world.

Part memoir, part biography, it tells the powerful story of a non-religious woman’s spiritual journey and her unexpected, imaginary friendship with the Trappist monk Thomas Merton–one of the 20th Century’s most important and revered religious writers, teachers, and thinkers.

Kathleen W. Tarr takes a fresh and original approach to Merton’s intriguing life by interpreting and contextualizing the lesser-known story of Merton’s surprise sojourn to Alaska in the turbulent and heart-wrenching year of 1968.

We Are All Poets Here describes in intimate details what Merton might have seen, felt, and experienced about wilderness Alaska and the people and dramatic landscapes he encountered a few short months before his tragic death.

In her struggle for inner grounding, Tarr poignantly blends Alaskan history and Russian culture with Merton’s spiritual reflections.

Blue Ticket

by “Kris Farmen”
Soft Cover ISBN: 978-0-9907428-5-2
Sugg. Retail: $21.95

Get ready for a wild and fun ride through the Alaska wilderness! Blue Ticket frames Alaska in 1948 through the lens of Tyler Wilcox, an artist from the small town of McCarthy, on his way to art school in Paris. When he happens upon Lena Cole, he becomes entangled in the affairs of gangsters and police…. Cinematic in its delivery, with twists and turns around every corner, Kris Farmen captures the historic wildness of Alaska like no one else.

“The Cult’s song Wild Hearted Son reminds me of Kris Farmen. One of the wild men of Alaskan writing, he never fails to kick up a fuss on the page. Get it. Ride it. Love it.”
—Luis Urrea
Author of The Devil’s Highway

“Pack your bags. Kris Farmen is one of Alaska’s finest writers and Blue Ticket is one helluva an exciting ride through the wilds of Alaska in 1948. No one captures historic Alaska like Farmen. No one. Blue Ticket soars with characters you’re rooting for and bad guys you’ll dread. Hold on, this is one flight you won’t soon forget.”
—Don Rearden
Author of The Raven’s Gift and Permafrost Heart

Blue Ticket is available for purchase direct through Amazon, wholesale through Ingram and local bookstores near you.

Weathered Edge

by Kris Farmen, Martha Amore, and Buffy McKay
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9850487-7-8

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Weathered Edge is the first of its kind, a collection of three unique novellas by three of Alaska’s finest up and coming writers, Kris Farmen, Martha Amore and Buffy McKay. Each novella drives a hard punch! From shark attacks to high mountain fatalities and resigning to a life in service of a dying mother, Weathered Edge is a powerful portrait of human nature, tied to the land in Alaska, and yet as timeless and broad reaching as the oceans themselves. 

Cover artwork by David Kennicott

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Because of Lissa (Hotline #1)

by Carolyn Meyer
ISBN: 978-0-9850487-3-0
$2.99 introductory price

Amazon link to Because of Lissa Barnes and Noble link to Because of Lissa

News of Lissa Mainzer’s suicide shocks everyone. Lissa’s friends Jenny, Kurt, Angie, and Lan are determined to keep others from feeling that desperate. They work to form a crisis hotline at their high school, taking the calls in shifts, trying to help other teens with their problems while the hotliners themselves must deal with the challenges in their own lives. But when a call comes from Monica, they face a crisis. They couldn’t save Lissa, but what about Monica? And what about the hotline—can they save that as well?

The Problem With Sidney (Hotline #2)

by Carolyn Meyer
ISBN: 978-0-9850487-4-7

Amazon link to The Problem With Sidney Barnes and Noble link to The Problem With Sidney

When a fourteen-year-old runaway starts calling the hotline, it’s clear that some of the hotliners are getting much too involved. Jenny, Kurt, Angie and Lan set up the crisis hotline in school to help troubled kids, but in this second book in the Hotline series, the hotline itself is facing problems of its own. The runaway girl, who calls herself Sidney, says she’s living in a local park with drug dealers, but when anyone suggests going to a shelter, she doesn’t want to hear it. She keeps calling the hotline, and her stories are disturbing—but are they true? And how far can the hotline go to help her?

Gillian's Choice (Hotline #3)

by Carolyn Meyer
ISBN: 978-0-9850487-5-4

Amazon link to Gillian's Choice Barnes and Noble link to Gillian's Choice

In this third book in the Hotline series, Gillian, a quiet classmate, confides in Angie that she’s pregnant and afraid—afraid to tell her parents or the baby’s father, afraid of what lies ahead. But Angie, too, has problems. She hasn’t been happy about what’s been going on with her boyfriend, and she can’t seem to make him understand her feelings. It’s hard enough to sort out her own choices—so how can she help Gillian figure out what to do? And what can the hotline do for either of them?

The Two Faces Of Adam (Hotline #4)

by Carolyn Meyer
ISBN: 978-0-9850487-6-1

Amazon link to The Two Faces of Adam Barnes and Noble link to The Two Faces Of Adam

In this, the 4th book in the Hotline series, Lan Nguyen wants to do the right thing. He has no doubts about where he stands on drugs. Drugs are bad, people who use them are fools, people who sell them are criminals. Then the high school hotline starts getting more and more drug-related calls, and Lan finds that it isn’t quite that simple.
Drugs aren’t Lan’s only worry. His sister and nephew need a safe home, and Lan is determined to provide it any way he can. He’s already working two jobs outside of his regular school hours. And then there’s the viola given him by his friend Lissa, before she killed herself. Can he afford to keep it? And what about April; sometimes it seems she’s ready to give up on him. Is he going to be able to keep it all together—and do the right thing?

Turn Again

by Kris Farmen
ISBN: 978-0-9850487-1-6
Retail price: $19.95 USD

Now available for $9.99 in Kindle and Nook versions:

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Amazon link to Turn Again

Barnes and Noble link to Turn Again

“I was told you were a magic man.”

In October of 1894, the anthropologist Rebecca Ashford arrives in Kodiak, Alaska to interview a Russian prisoner with an American name and an Athabascan Indian past. Aleksandr Campbell has been sentenced to hang for a double murder, killings that took place in his homeland far to the north on the Kenai Peninsula—a little-known part of the territory where Russian is the common language and the handful of resident Americans are foreigners in a strange land. His tale, recorded in her notes as he waits for the gallows, spans years and miles of wilderness and clashing cultures. It is a story of young love and of old magic that is rapidly draining out of the country with the coming of the gold rush. It is a story of being Alaskan at a time when Alaska barely existed.

Illustrated map created by Alaska Map Co.

The List

by James P. Sweeney
ISBN: 978-1-57833-524-4
Retail price:
Soft cover: $14.95 USD
e-book: $9.99<b

In this small but tremendously wild book, Sweeney travels the length of his life and paints portraits of loss, love and humor into climbing adventures in Alaska’s wilderness. He speaks to us in a voice that is all his own. Sweeney walks on the edge as he charms readers with humor and insight, be it on a road trip, climbing a frozen waterfall or scaling a mountain. This book full of sorrow also carries with it a strong sense of hope. Angela Ramirez’s stark linoprints complement the book’s style and feel.