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We are proud and pleased to announce VP&D House’s debut book of poetry! Sandra Kleven, editor of Cirque literary journal, has written a dynamite book of poetry and prose that unsettles the mind and teases the imagination.

Nathan Brown, poet laureate of Oklahoma, had this to say about Defiance Street:

Sandra Kleven walks a path of beautiful grit and hard honesty that remains uncompromising throughout. In poems like “Lament for Scott” and “As She Waits for Word on Her Biopsy,” she gnaws her thoughts on aging to the bone with confessions borne of a poet’s long consideration. Kleven’s prose pieces are wall-to-wall poems. She speaks of the famous Blue Moon tavern, of the birth of the second half of the 20th Century, and of Theodore Roethke better than he ever did. Bottom line? When I read Sandra Kleven’s lines:

She went after boys who looked like Jesus,
sandaled, contemplative, guys with that
crucified look.

I knew I’d need to say little else about Defiance Street besides: You must give this book a chance.

Defiance Street will be out in early to mid-December and available in local retail store around Alaska. It will also be available for online purchases as well.

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